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The Engine Stand

It Changes Everything!!

The Engine Stand is unique. Our mounting system makes it the easiest and safest way to mount and dismount an engine, gearbox or whatever else you want to turn around. With a press of a button, you can rotate it left or right to any position you wish.

What makes our engine stand so different? Everything! 

Our Patent Pending MOUNTING system makes it very easy and safe to mount and dismount the engine from the stand. We provide both universal and engine specific mounting plates. Mounting plates are bolted to the engine before mounting to the engine stand. Once the mounting plate is attached to the engine, you just lower it into position on the head of the engine stand, insert the safety bolts, then tighten all the clamping bolts, and you are ready to do your work.

This system was necessary because we wanted to make it easier for the engine builder, technician, fitter or whoever needs to turn their job over to aid with assembly and disassembly. The heavier the job, the better, because now you will really appreciate how easy and safe this engine stand is.

Now the fun part! The ROTATION of the stand is done by either a cordless drill, or an electric motor. You choose your preference. Now when you want to turn the job over, press a button…..too easy. The Engine Stand is available in a number of configurations: Each model is capable of supporting and rotating the load specified. The length of the load (engine, or anything else you need to rotate) is the maximum length allowable at maximum load. If a greater length is required, please contact us to check your specific application. For Engine Stands equipped with wheels, please refer to instructions before moving it while supporting a load.

Let’s see our Engine Stand in action

Our Latest Range of Engine Stands

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