Power Steering Pump Removal and Installation Kit

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Power Steering Pump Kit – Pro

The perfect kit for the removal and installation of pulleys off power steering pumps, quickly and easily. This is a 5T attachment and can be used with any of our 5T and 10T cylinder range.

This kit contains:

    • 5T Small Power Steering Pulley Attachment p/n QCP 5T-PS25-P
    • 5T Large Power Steering Pulley Attachment p/n QCP 5T-PS30-P
    • M8x1.25 Installation Shaft p/n QCP TR-M8x1.25-P
    • 3/8”x16 Installation Shaft p/n QCP TR 10-3/8×16-P
    • 5T Piston End p/n QCP PE5T-25-14-P
    • 10T Piston End p/n QCP PE10T-10×10-E

This is a Pro series attachment and has a nickel coating for corrosion protection.


  • Only 1 installation shaft is supplied of each size. Consider a second as a spare. The shaft/thread is only capable of approximately 5T. The cylinder used for installation has a 10T capability. The risk of breaking a shaft is high and suitable precautions MUST be taken
  • If high tensile thread rod is to be used instead of a Mechanics Mate installation shaft, a second piston end p/n QCP PE10T-10×10-E should be used




Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 27 × 24 × 12 cm


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