Pitman arm kit Pro

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Pitman arm kit Pro

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Pitman Arm Removal Kit

This kit includes 5 of our most popular pitman arm attachments for the removal of most pitman arms, on light and heavy vehicles.


  • 5 pitman arm attachments suitable for the removal of most pitman arms.
  • 12T pitman arm attachment 66mm wide x 34mm maximum shaft size x 47mm height
  • 12T pitman arm attachment 74mm wide x 42mm maximum shaft size x 64mm height
  • 12T pitman arm attachment 80mm wide x 46mm maximum shaft size x 74mm height
  • 25T pitman arm attachment 98mm wide x 59mm maximum shaft size x mm height
  • 25T pitman arm attachment for Sheppard M110 pitman arms
  • Most powerful pitman arm puller ever made. All 12T attachments can be used with up to 25T hydraulic
    cylinders, and 25T attachments can be used with up to 50T hydraulic cylinders.
  • Attachments are designed for speed and versatility.
  • These attachments ensure that the removal force is applied directly and squarely, maximising the removal

The attachment is 66mm wide, suitable for a shaft size up to 34mm and a maximum height of 47mm.

This kit contains:

  • 12T Pitman Arm Puller 66mm x 34mm x 47mm – plated p/n QCP PA 12T-66-34-47-P
  • 12T Pitman Arm Puller 74mm x 42mm x 64mm – plated p/n QCP PA 12T-74-42-64-P
  • 12T Pitman Arm Puller 80mm x 46mm x 74mm – plated p/n QCP PA 12T-80-46-74-P
  • 25T Pitman Arm Puller 98mm x 59mm x 77mm – plated p/n QCP PA 25T-98-59-77-P
  • 25T Pitman Arm suits Sheppard M110 – plated p/n QCP PA 25T-SHEP-M110-P
  • Sheppard M110 spacer
  • Sheppard M100 spacer
  • ¾” UNF cap screw
  • 5/8” UNF cap screw

This is a Pro series attachment and has a nickel coating for corrosion protection.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 47 × 36 × 17.5 cm


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