LSx Engine Pro Kit 3

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LSX Engine Pro Kit 3


  • A combination of general purpose attachments for use on many different vehicle makes and models, which we have added our more popular attachments specifically for late model GM vehicles fitted with LS (Gen3 and Gen4) engine variants.
  • This kit is the same as the LSX Engine Pro Kit 2, except it doesn’t have the 5T-12T adaptor, making it ideal for use with our 5T, 10T, 12T 25T air hydraulics kit.
  • Harmonic Balancer Attachments
    • 5T LS1 attachment specifically for Camaro and Commodore LS1 harmonic balancers with a deep dish.
    • 5T LQ9 attachment suitable for all LS truck style harmonic balancers with 3 lugs on the inner ring next to the spokes, and traditional 3 bolt GM harmonic balancers including ATI balancers.
    • All 3 jaw attachments feature the Mechanics Mate O ring retention system for fast and easy attachment. Hub diameter range is from 60mm-76mm and 76mm-101mm with a reach of 17mm-18mm.
    • 5T universal slotted attachment, similar to standard screw type harmonic balancer pullers, except our you use with hydraulics.
  • Timing Chain SprocketAttachments
    • 22 tooth sprocket remover for removing the timing chain sprocket (gear) from the crankshaft. Suitable for all LS engine variants including LS7.. Also suitable for single and double row sprockets including small block Chev.
    • Installation sleeves for installing the timing chain sprocket, with and without oil pump drive.
  • High tensile M16 installation shaft with hex drive for speedy installation of the crank sprocket and harmonic balancer.
  • Power Steering PulleyAttachments
    • 5T attachments that quickly and effortlessly lock into the groove on power steering pump pulleys. These attachments contact 95% of the groove surface for even loading and allowing maximum pulling forces to be applied before failure of the pulley groove.
    • Attachments come in 2 sizes, 25mm and 30mm (small and large)
    • Installation shafts to suit M8x1.25 and 3/8”x16TPI threaded shafts for fast and easy installation, every time.
  • Pitmam Arm Attachment
    • 12T pitman arm attachment works perfectly on most smaller pitman arms with dimensions of:
      • 60mm wide
      • 34mm diameter shaft
      • 47mm high
  • These are PRO series attachments and are coated with nickel for corrosion protection
  • All attachments in this can be used with 5T cylinders and cylinders fitted with 5T couplings. 12T cylinders can only be used on some of these attachments with the use of 12T-5T adaptor.


    • 1 x 3 jaw attachment 60mm p/n QCP 5T3J-60-76-18-P
    • 1 x 3 jaw attachment 76mm p/n QCP 5T3J-76-101-17-P
    • 1 x 5T LS1 harmonic balancer attachment p/n QCP HB LSX LS1-P
    • 1 x 5T LQ9 harmonic balancer attachment p/n QCP QCP HB LSX LQ9-P
    • 1 x 5T 22 tooth x 3/8” pitch crank sprocket remover p/n QCP SR22-P
    • 1 x 46mm long sprocket install sleeve p/n QCP SIS 44-50-46-P
    • 1 x 75mm long sprocket install sleeve p/n QCP SIS 75-50-46-P
    • 1 x 5T power steering pulley remover attachment, small p/n QCP 5T-PS25-P
    • 1 x 5T power steering pulley remover attachment, large p/n QCP 5T-PS30-P
    • 1 x 5T 25X14mm piston end, eco p/n QCP PE5T-25-14-P
    • 1 x 10T 25x10mm piston end with 10mm through hole p/n QCP 10T-10×10-P
    • 1 x M8x1.25 installation shaft p/n QCP TR-10T-M8-P
    • 1 x 3/8”x16TPI installation shaft p/n QCP TR-10T-3/8×16-P
    • 1 x M16 install shaft p/n QCP TR 10T-M16
    • 1 x 12T pitman arm attachment p/n QCP PA 12T-66-34.37-P
    • 1 x 5T universal slotted attachment p/n QCP 120-P



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