Driveshaft Kit – Pro

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5T-12T Hub Attachment Kit for removal and installation of driveshafts, half shafts or CV shafts from a range of Vehicles. We have put out most popular selling Hub Attachments into a single kit.

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Driveshaft Kit – Pro

Hub attachments are used to remove axles, CV shafts, half shafts from hubs on front wheel drive, all wheel drive and independent rear wheel drive vehicles. The hub attachment is bolted to the hub using the wheel nuts or studs. This kit now contains a collection of 7 of our most popular hub attachments and 5T-12T adaptor.

Hub attachments can be fitted with or without the rotor in position. If the rotor has been removed, make sure that the hub attachment sits square to the hub.

7 hub attachments with the following drillings:

  • 4x98mm
  • 4x100mm
  • 4x108mm
  • 4×114.3mm
  • 5x98mm
  • 5x100mm
  • 5x105mm
  • 5x108mm
  • 5x112mm
  • 5×114.3mm
  • 5x115mm
  • 5x120mm
  • 5×120.65mm
  • 5x127mm
  • 5x130mm
  • 5×139.7mm
  • 5x150mm
  • 6×114.3mm
  • 6x115mm
  • 6x120mm
  • 6x127mm
  • 6x130mm
  • 6×139.7mm

This kit contains:

  • 5T Driveshaft Hub Attachment 4×98, 4×100, 4×108 and 4×114.3 drillings p/n QCP DS140 4×98-100-108-
  • 5T Driveshaft Hub Attachment 5×98, 5×100 and 5×105 drillings p/n QCP DS140 5×98-100-105-P
  • 5T Driveshaft Hub Attachment 5×108, 5×112 and 5×114.3 drillings p/n QCP DS140 5×108-112-114.3-P
  • 5T Driveshaft Hub Attachment 5×115, 5×120 and 5×120.65 drillings p/n QCP DS150 5X115-120-120.65-P
  • 5T Driveshaft Hub Attachment 6×114.3, 6×115 and 6×120 drillings p/n QCP DS150 6×114.3-115-120-P
  • 12T Driveshaft Hub Attachment 6×127, 6×130 and 6×139.7 drillings p/n QCP DS168 6×127-130-139.7-P
  • 12T Driveshaft Hub Attachment 5×130, 5×139.7 and 5×150 drillings p/n QCP DS176 5×130-139.7-150-P
  • 5T-12T adaptor p/n QCP 5T-12T-17-P

This is a Pro series attachment and has a nickel coating for corrosion protection.

Additional information

Weight 24.2 kg
Dimensions 57 × 43 × 21.5 cm


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