12T Pitman Arm Puller Attachment 66mm

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This is ourĀ  12T 66mm pitman arm attachment with 25T hydraulic cylinder and 25T-12T reducer adaptor.

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12T Pitman Arm Puller Attachment 66mm

This pitman arm attachment is the smallest pitman arm attachment we make, before stepping down to our ball joint splitters, of the same design. This is universal and is designed to remove small pitman arms, such as those found on Ford, GM and RAM light trucks and vans. The critical dimensions of the attachment are:

  • 66mm wide
  • 47mm high – distance from the back of the pitman arm (gearbox side) to the top of the output shaft of the gearbox
  • 34mm maximum gearbox output shaft diameter
  • 7mm minimum gap between the back of the pitman arm and the gearbox housing

If the width of the pitman arm is less than 50mm it is recommend to use our 5T 50mm ball joint splitter attachment, which can also be used with the Mechanics Mate 5T, 10T and 12T hydraulic cylinders. The 12T hydraulic cylinder requires the 12T-5T reducer.

This pitman arm attachment features out 12T coupling. It can be used with our 5T, 10T, 12T and 25T hydraulic cylinders. As a general rule of thumb, below is a guide to the percentage of pitman arms that will be remove with each cylinder option:

  • 5T – approximately only 10% of pitman arms will be removed with 5T or less – not recommend at all
  • 10T – approximately 90% of pitman arms will be removed with 10T or less – good entry level option, very compact and light
  • 12T – approximately 95% of pitman arms will be removed with 12T or less – not worth the extra cost when compared to the 10T cylinder option, but great if you are using the 12T cylinder for replacing bushings and bearings
  • 25T – 99.9999% of pitman arms will be removed with this cylinder. We have not come across any pitman arms that will not be removed easily using this cylinder and this attachment. Highly recommended if removing pitman arms is a high priority.

This kit contains:

  • 25T 66mm Pitman Arm Attachment
  • Heavy duty storage and transport case with provision for either 5T-12T step up adaptor, or 25T-12T reducer adaptor

This is a Pro series attachment and has a nickel coating for corrosion protection.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 47 × 36 × 17.5 cm


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