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Mechanics Mate designs, manufactures and supplies specialty tools and equipment for the automotive, repair and maintenance industries.

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Remember the last time you tried to do a simple job that should have only taken 5 minutes? Yet you spent hours, and were frustrated! It’s quite likely you may have damaged the parts and even bruised a knuckle or two. Now, how would you feel if you had a tool, that could do that same job in seconds, every time?

Our aim is to provide a solution to make the job fast, easy and safe for you, the technician.

Quick change puller

Quick Change Puller

Quick Change Hydraulic Puller

The one tool you will fall in love with

Mechanics Mate Quick Change Hydraulic Puller is the most versatile pulling system ever made. The coupling is the backbone of the Quick Change Puller giving it the ability to change over attachments fast, approximately 1-2 seconds. General purpose and job-specific attachments are available for a range of applications. All attachments are designed to maximise productivity, safety and strength.

What currently takes the average mechanic 15 minutes on a good day can now be done in less than 10 seconds! Not only is it safer for the user it also means that you are not damaging valuable parts.

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The Engine Stand

It Changes Everything!

The Engine Stand is unique. Our mounting system makes it the easiest and safest way to mount and dismount an engine, gearbox or whatever else you want to turn around. With a press of a button, you can rotate it left or right to any position you wish.
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The Engine Stand

the engine stand

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